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Hydrogen Water had been called the “Miracle Water.”

It has the power to heal many dangerous diseases by neutralizing the disease causing agent known as the “free radical”.

Researches show that Hydroxyl Radical (OH) is the main cause of illness and aging in diseases such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol among others.

The chemical reaction known as Redox (Reduction-oxidation) involves the  transfer of electron between two molecular substances that react together. When one substances looses an electron and the other gains the electron.

Redox reaction is one of the vital reactions in our body and it is the basis of the processes of life.

However when electrons are pulled out of the molecules within your cells this is called oxidative damage. Oxidative damage ages the body and depletes your energy levels as it damages your mitochondria causing you to feel fatigue.

Hydrogen has an oxidation state of  +1 in reaction, it means that one atom of hydrogen can gain an electron and neutralize the free radical before it  becomes toxic to the body by pulling the electrons out of your body’s tissues.

These free radical electrons cause the oxidizing damage  to our cells and is called ROS or Reactive Oxygen Species and this is responsible for the degeneration of our tissues and processes.

Losing an electron is called oxidation and gaining an electron is called reduction.

ROS is a natural byproduce of the normal metabolism of oxygen and this oxidation damages the lipids and proteins of the cell.

Common anti-oxidants block the damage caused by the free floating radicals and that is why fruits and vegetables are beneficial as they donate their own electrons so that ours are spared.

Staying protected from free radicals maintains our energy and youth. Early symptoms of too much oxidation are: joint aches, wrinkles, thinning hair, low energy.

Providing generous amounts of anti-oxyidents to the body will neutralize the free radical and reactive form of oxygen or oxidation.

Causes of Oxidation in the body are air pollution , process foods, pesticides, herbicides, toxins from  synthetic fabrics fabrics, chemical household cleaners, chronic stress, obesity, exposure to plastics, and tap water.

The most powerful antioxidant of all is Hydrogen.

The hydrogen molecule is highly bio-available and easily absorbed into the cells, even passing the blood -brain barrier and into mitochondria ( the powerhouse of your cells)  to cleanse toxic materials from the body.

Hydrogen has been proven in numerous studies to fight the strongest oxidizing chemical of all, the Hydroxyl radical which is a major villain in DNA damage.

Hydrogen doesn’t disturb the delicate metabolic reactions of the body or disrupt cell signaling. As hydrogen is the smallest element in the periodic table it has the ability to safely and naturally penetrate all the cells of your body including the brain.

By drinking water that is saturated with live, freed hydrogen atoms,  the hydrogen can be easily absorbed in to the systems and organs of the body to reverse Reactive Oxidative Species or Stress.

Reactive Oxidative Stress is also the cause of the metastatic process and progressive process of cancer.  In cancer patients there is a large amount of this reaction produced at the tumor site.

Antioxidants ( especially hydrogen water can prevent cancer and many other diseases by neutralizing the byproducts of ROS.  Each molecule of released Hydrogen can neutralize 2 (OH) radicals and produce one molecule of water.

Drinking Hydrogen water reduces ROS in all the organs, and has a positive effect on multiple organs including the heart by reducing risk of arterial blockage, improves kidney function, improves brain health and memory, slowing the progression of Parkinson disease, relieving painful joints and arthritis, reducing allergies and preventing premature aging of the skin, wrinkles and dryness.

Hydrogen rich water has a high rate of absorption due to its smaller cluster size and can dissolve minerals for better absorption.

Research preformed by the Kajiyama Clinic Japan of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study found the free hydrogen-rich water reduced LDL ( bad cholesterol) and improved glucose metabolism in diabetes.

Other long term research has used Hydrogen water for the prevention and treatment of a variety of disease including Atheriosclerosis, Ischemia-reprefusion injury as occurred in Heart attack and strokes, Diabetes, Parkinson disease, Kidney rejuvenation, Alzheimer disease, Lung injury and ischemia, Pancreas dysfunction, Allergic reaction, Tumorigenesis, Inflammatory bowel disease, Hepatitis, Drug induced Liver injury, Jaundice, Moodiness and depression, Fatigue, Metabolic syndrome.

Hydrogen Water can also help with:

  • Circulation of blood,
  • Brain alertness,
  • Regulate body temperature,
  • Relieve hot flashes,
  • Digestion and Absorption of nutrients,
  • Lubrication of joints and muscles,
  • Detoxification of the blood and body,
  • Headaches,
  • Maintain a silky skin free of wrinkles,
  • Protecting cells from harmful radiation.

Research has also shown that taking medicines with Hydrogen water cause absorption so rapidly it can be compared to intravenous injection.

What is Hydrogen-Rich Water?

The Hydrogen in the water molecule is freed up by flowing the water through a special filtration process to ionize the water. This subtle changes the water at the molecular level and frees up the hydrogen atoms.

Hydrogen saturated water increases the penetration of the antioxidant to all the cells of the body which seeks out and stops free radicals.

A life style including drinking  8 to 10 glasses of hydrogen – rich water daily, eating  clean ripe fruit and vegetables, daily exercise and a positive attitude with keep you youthful and active.

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