Jade Gem Therapy Pillow


This multi-mineral pillow uses elemental gem combining technology to release a variety of elements which form a natural magnetic resonance and emits far infrared  healing rays.  The combination of  magnetic and infrared therapy improves blood circulation, promotes metabolism and aids in the elimination of  body wastes.  Regular use of the magnetic and  far infrared healing pillow helps to enhance your immunity, and prevents disturbances in the body.

The unique combination of Jade stone, Germanite stone and Tourmaline stone  contain

Micro elements which are similar to the elements found in the human body.  Jade produces a special photoelectric effect which focuses an energy field to produce the resonance with the human body.


Characteristics of the Elements:

Jade stone contains 30 types of micro elements, such as Selenium, Zinc, Nickel, Copper, Manganese, Cobalt, Magnesium, Calcium etc . .  Jade creates a special photoelectric effect which produces  an energy field  resonance compatible with the human body. The energizing effect stimulates the cell to release toxins for elimination.

Germanite stone contain organic germanium, jade powder, pearl powder, websterite and medicine minerals including 45 types of micro minerals including calcium, magnesium, sodium potassium chlorophyll etc.  When heated by the carbon fiber contained in the pillow covering a release of Anion is effected which assists in the healing magnetic field.

Germanite helps restrain high blood pressure, high blood fat, aids diabetic atherosclerosis including joint aches and pains and muscle strain, among other beneficial effects.

Tourmaline stone contains more than 10 microelements including magnesium, iron, aluminum, boron etc. The unique properties of these elements create acute crystals which permanently release negative ions and far infrared waves.  Pillow can aid in women’s troubles, cold, pain, lumbago, and neuralgia etc.

The stones are layered in high quality materials.

First lay: High grade leather layer

Second layer:  Dense mesh cloth layer

Third layer: Jade, Germanite tourmaline stone layer

Fourth layer: Bamboo carbon fiber cotton layer, helps release far infrared ray and negative ions emissions from third layer.

Fifth layer:  Glass fiber layer. Eliminates electromagnetic waves

Sixth layer:  heat layer

Seventh layer:  Heat- sensitive device layer

Eighth layer:  Ecological nonwoven cloth layer

Ninth layer:  Wave-releasing layer

Tenth layer:  Ecological compression cotton layer

Eleventh layer:  thermal insulating layer

Twelfth layer: Waterproof eleusine plant cloth layer, durable and resists wear